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Try Conshohocken’s Best BYOBs: Blackfish, Viggiano’s, and More


Looking for a good BYOB with great service and even better food? How about an ambiance that makes the date feel special? Here are three of our favorite BYOBs in Conshohocken near Matson Mill.

Blackfish BYOB

Address: 119 Fayette St., Conshohocken

Blackfish BYOB is Conshohocken’s culinary gem, renowned for its inventive seafood-centric menu. Locals love the intimate ambiance and the service is always good. The seasonal menu, which reflects a harmonious blend of modern flair with traditional flavors, ensures every dining experience is unique and memorable. Learn more about Blackfish BYOB.

Viggiano’s BYOB

Address: 16 E 1st Ave., Conshohocken

Viggiano’s BYOB, a family-owned treasure in Conshohocken, invites guests to indulge in authentic Italian cuisine. The warm, familial atmosphere is perfect for gatherings where guests can bring their favorite wines to complement a hearty, traditional meal. The homemade recipes passed down through generations promise a dining experience that feels both nostalgic and special. Learn more about Viggiano’s BYOB.

Trattoria Totaro

Address: 639 Spring Mill Ave., Conshohocken

Trattoria Totaro is the embodiment of personalized hospitality and eclectic Italian fare, set in a cozy, eclectic environment. This BYOB spot is celebrated for its creative spin on classic dishes, ensuring a unique experience each visit. Guests are encouraged to bring a bottle of their favorite vintage to accompany a meal that delights with its freshness and innovation. Learn more about Trattoria Totaro.

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