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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day And After Conshohocken’s Parade


Conshohocken’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is set for Sunday, March 11 at 2 p.m. and if you’re looking for a great bar or pub for celebrating after the parade, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three great pubs to visit this St. Patrick’s Day March 17 and after Conshy’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Great American Pub

Address: 123 Fayette Street, Conshohocken

Great American Pub is a classic Irish-American pub located on Fayette Street, right along the parade route. In fact, “The Pub” is probably the best place to sit during the parade as you have a great vantage point along the route while enjoying an impressive beer selection, signature cocktails, and a great food menu. The pub also features live music and is often packed on Saint Patrick’s Day making it one of the best spots in town. Learn more about The Great American Pub in Conshohocken.

Flanigan’s Boathouse

Address: 113 Fayette St, Conshohocken

Another of Conshohocken’s most popular bars is Conshy’s Flanigan’s Boathouse. Located right next to Great American Pub, Flanigan’s is another hot spot during the St. Patrick’s Day parade due to its great food and drink selection. Offering a wide variety of specialty bottles, including craft beers and wine from around the world, it’s a perfect choice for celebrating St. Patty’s Day. Learn more about Flanigan’s Boathouse.

Guppy’s Good Times

While Guppy’s isn’t on the parade route, it’s bound to be one of the best places in Conshohocken to celebrate this year. More of a neighborhood bar, Guppy’s Good Times has some of the best food in the borough paired with a big beer list. If you’re looking for a fun and lively bar to celebrate after the parade and on Saint Patrick’s Day, Guppy’s Good Times is a great choice. Learn more about Guppy’s Good Times.

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